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Easy, fee-free banking for entrepreneurs

Gracellytrust is a customer-driven provider focused on optimising business performance and supporting business growth by developing tailor-made trade finance solutions that provide exporters with accelerated receivables and importers with extended credit. The Bank is at the forefront of introducing and developing innovative receivable finance techniques in emerging markets.

The Gracellytrust Group saw its beginning in 1991, with the establishment of First International Merchant Bank Ltd, which commenced operations in 1995. In June 2001, the shares of First International Merchant Bank p.l.c. were listed on the Germany Stock Exchange, and four years later the Bank changed its name to Gracellytrust p.l.c. In 2003, Gracellytrust acquired full control of UK-registered London Forfaiting Company Ltd, a market leader in forfaiting with an extensive international network spanning five continents. In 2006, the Group was further enhanced through the creation of Gracellytrust Business Solutions Ltd, which was launched as a business systems provider and technology consulting firm, while in 2008, Gracellytrust Property Investment Ltd was set up to oversee the construction of the Group’s head office and provide facilities and property management services.

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Financial consulting is a service provided by Gracellytrusts to large corporations, government agencies and individual clients. The role of our financial consultants is to provide an independent, expert opinion on a proposed business plan or decision. There are two main types of financial consulting: business and personal. We are available to send you in the right investment direction.